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Sitting Donkey
The Tired Donkey lives in Atlanta and blogs about solutions to vexing problems you have with your Mac or network, using your Mac at work and at school, and—when he gets really, really tired—federal tax policy. He is qualified to inform you about these things because he is a father of six, some of whom are in college and all of whom have Macs; his home is overflowing with Macs. He is also a lawyer.

The Tired Donkey used to write primarily about the unending abuse suffered by the 51% of Americans who actually pay the federal income tax. But this became too depressing. And, frankly, no one wanted to read it. So now he writes primarily about other stuff. But if you came here hoping to find some enlightenment about our insane federal tax policies, the answers you seek are still available. Just check the archives.

Finally, The Tired Donkey often recommends products, web-based services, books, etc.
He gets no payment or renumeration of any kind whether monetary or otherwise from any of the products he writes about or from the companies who make or market them, and you are free to criticize his recommendations to your heart’s content by posting a comment.

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